November 2nd , 2021

Characteristics of a council personThe responsibilities of a council person are to work with the administration to set overall goals and strategic plans for the city.  A council person must be accessible to the residents of the city and respond accordingly to any issue no matter how small or inconsequential.  
Reasoning: Added Value to Our City

I am running for city council because I believe my education, personality, and experience can add value to our City’s planning and administration as improving the welfare of our city and it’s residents.

My unique ability to remain calm and diligent under adverse situations coupled with my prowess to bring people together for a common goal could only translate into positive results for our city.  

Our city needs leaders who are focused who are focused on the present but also have a vision for the future.

My work in healthcare and the community enables me to understand how to meet the needs of the business world without compromising the needs of the community.  Westland is truly an “All American City”. In today’s political/social climate, we need someone as an advocate for our city.  Why me?  My work and love for this great community has given me a special skill set geared to making the tough decisions for our city and it’s residents.  My vote will always consider the NEEDS of our citizens.   

Immediate Actions:

  • Work with the Administration to find ways to increase the Covid-19 vaccinated rates of our seniors and minority residents.
  • Work closely with the fire and police departments to ensure the continued safety of the citizens of Westland.
  • Continue to increase the economic development in Westland to attract more business and families to our great city. 

A message to Westland’s residents:

Thank you for the wonderful support that I received in the primary election. I knew that Westland’s caring, understanding, common sense voters would find their way to the polls and cast a vote in my favor. Most importantly, In Westland’s favor. 

Please continue to use my page for information, questions, events, and ways you can help.  I would be more than happy to speak with you about any concerns you may have.  This is not over yet, I placed 4th out of 13 candidates in the primary election. That doesn’t mean I’m guaranteed a seat come November. There’s still much to do. If you haven’t already, there’s a good chance you’ll see me at your doorstep or at an event in the days leading up to the election. I am once again asking for your help as I continue to enhance our city by supporting me in the general election as a candidate for a seat on the Westland City Council.


On Tuesday November 2nd , 2021 vote Debra Fowlkes for Westland City Council